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About Diwaah

Here at Diwaah, we believe that to be fashionable and stylish, we never need to be cruel and barbaric to the animals. And hence, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind vegan products in the manufacturing process, encouraging love and humanity towards animals, and keeping you ahead in the world of fashion! We avoid using animal skin and chemicals in our product range, explore and enjoy shopping to the fullest!

From the Director's pen!

It's never acceptable to kill animals to fulfill our fashion and styling desires, Inhumanity can never be considered hot, stylish, or trendy. I believe in loving, caring, and saving all the lovely animals who can't even speak out their pains and sufferings when they face cruelty. We provide our customers with the best products without being cruel, as even you also won't like to wear animal skins.

Our Product Range

We have got you covered with a vast collection of bags, belts, scarves, Jackets, and Hair accessories, helping you look and feel stunning. Our products are simply what you need to be awesomely stylish! We follow transparent processes and policies to ensure that our customers get 100% satisfaction and peace of mind.

Manufacturing and Materials

A clean and cruelty-free manufacturing process sets us apart from others in the same domain. We manufacture bags from a variety of quality materials including Jute, Raffia, Fabric, Macrame, and Canvas. Moreover, we include hand embroidery as well as machine embroidery to enhance the look and feel of our products and you are sure to fall in love with our exciting range.

Become a part of Charity!

At Diwaah, humanity is on top priority. We employ rural artisans in the manufacturing process, so when you shop from us, you indirectly play a role to help those who are in need, needless to mention, without harming the animals. More you shop, the more you help!

Be Ethical, Be Human!

We promote Indian Heritage called Hand Machine Embroidery and setting new trends in the world of fashion while being ethical to animals. Connect with us to know more about our beliefs, policies, products, or any other question you may have!